Home Renovation Design Ideas in Buffalo NY

Are you looking for home improvement before and after renovation ideas for your house in Buffalo NY? Any room in the house can be successfully remodeled to fit your lifestyle. Wherever you need extra space you can either add on to your home’s footprint or open up the interior to allow for more flow.


Add a Bonus Room

A bonus room can be built in an existing area in an unfinished attic, basement, or over an attached garage. Because the walls, floor, and roof already exist, it’s a cheaper alternative to building a new addition to your home. Bonus rooms provide a lot of usable space to a small house. This extra space can provide a place for kids to play, a place for the family to gather and watch tv, or used to entertain friends and family.

For a new bonus room, the walls and ceiling may need more insulation, especially in an attic or above a garage where temperatures are more extreme. The floor joists may also need to be reinforced because of the increased foot traffic and the weight of furnishings. If you wish to add a bar or an extra bathroom off the bonus room, new plumbing will need to be installed. Adding more lighting will require additional wiring as well.

The cost of constructing a bonus room depends on how large the finished room and the materials used to finish the area. For example, a carpeted floor will cost less than more expensive hardwoods and drywall is cheaper than a faux brick or stone finish.


Open Up the House

Removing connecting walls between small cramped rooms can open up a home and create a much larger, flowing area from room to room. Opening up the space within a house gives the illusion of more space and can make a small home seem larger. Removing interior walls can also allow more natural light into the center of the home where it’s needed the most.

Removing walls can improve foot traffic flow throughout the house. Instead of walking around walls you will be able to walk straight to your destination. These saved steps can help save the homeowner time and energy.

Removing interior walls is a job for a professional contractor. Some walls are load-bearing and the average homeowner will need help to have these structurally important walls taken out and replaced with support beams. Any electrical wires, pipes, or plumbing will need to be removed by a professional as well.


Achieve the Ultimate Kitchen

If your present kitchen doesn’t fit your needs anymore now may be the time to create a more workable space. Adding more counter space for food prep and cabinet inserts for more organization can help a busy cook prepare meals quickly. An extra sink for washing produce and a large pantry are other options to consider for added convenience. Replacing worn flooring and repainting walls can freshen up a kitchen. Replacing and adding extra cabinets can improve a lack of storage situation.


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