History of Buffalo Remodeling Pros

The history of our remodeling company started 15 years ago when our family began to renovate houses in the Buffalo, NY area. We began with just a few clients but through word of mouth our customer base began to grow. .


More Customers and More Success

Buffalo Remodeling Pros has always taken pride in the fact that we successfully built a reputation of trust in a business where there is so much distrust. In the beginning, we quickly learned how to treat our customers in a fair and honest manner that was really appreciated. Soon, we became known by the public as the top remodeling contractors in Buffalo, NY.

We began to hire and train more contractors as more and much larger home remodeling jobs began to materialize for our company. Customers continued to refer their friends and relatives, and the business grew as the years passed.

Gaining Customer Satisfaction

Our contractors worked hard for the company’s success. All the staff at Buffalo Remodeling Pros continued to focus their attention and energy on gaining customer satisfaction and making homeowners happy. We wanted to take customer service to a whole new level in the construction and home renovation business. It’s always been our goal to be known as the best home remodeling business in Buffalo, NY.

We watched as other construction and remodeling business in the Buffalo, NY area came and went. We knew that customer satisfaction was the golden key to our company’s success and we kept striving to provide the very best service.

We were scrupulously honest with homeowners that came to us for help with difficult jobs. Sometimes it was a renovation job that other home remodeling companies had rejected as too hard or too small. Our customers began to trust us more and more and rely on us to help them solve tough problems.

15 Great Years Have Passed

We continued to focus on the all important aspect of customer satisfaction by delivering quality work at an affordable price. Here at Buffalo Remodeling Pros, we believe we have achieved our lofty goal of becoming the best home remodeling company in Buffalo, NY. We now have a huge customer base, and most of our new clients are referrals from satisfied customers we have assisted in the past. We are recognized in our community for the high quality of our work and the dedication we show in pleasing our customers.


Do you need more living space for your growing family? Does your house lack enough bathrooms or bedrooms? Do you wish you had a more spacious, updated kitchen in which to prepare your family’s meals?

If you have a home remodel project you would like to discuss, contact Buffalo Remodeling Pros in Buffalo, NY. One of our professional contractors will come to your house, assess the job you would like done, and give you a free estimate.

Buffalo Remodeling Pros has completed with success many home remodels in the Buffalo area. We have transformed dark, cramped home interiors into functional, light-filled places of beauty. Our clients have trusted our excellent work for 15 years.