Buffalo Home Additions Services

Is your present home too small to support the lifestyle of your growing family? Do you desperately need a new kitchen with enough cabinets and counter space? Do you not have a laundry room to handle the overflow of dirty clothes? Does your house not have enough bedrooms or bathrooms for all of your family members?

A home addition can solve all of these problems and much more. By adding more space to your home, you open up all kinds of exciting possibilities for a more spacious and beautiful home.


More Bedrooms for Family Members

Every kid needs their own room for privacy and a quiet place to unwind and do homework. With a home addition, you can provide your children with their own space. If there is an elderly relative in the household, building a bedroom with built-in safety features, such as non-slip flooring and handrails can help your family member be more independent and avoid accidents.


Gain Extra Bathrooms

Not enough bathrooms can cause a lot of frustration among family members rushing to get ready for school or work in the early morning. Adding bigger and better bathrooms can increase a home’s livability and overall value. When building a new home addition, you can plan for the addition of extra bathrooms. You can even create a personal retreat for yourself to unwind and soak away the stress and cares of the

Call Us For Your Remodeling Needs

If you are considering remodeling your home and need an honest contractor, contact Buffalo Remodeling Pros. We are the most trusted home remodeling company in the Buffalo, NY area with a 15 years history of serving our community. We are a family-owned company that is fully licensed and insured, and we make sure every home remodeling job, no matter how large or small receives the same level of quality and workmanship.

We can transform the most basic boxy house into a functional home of spaciousness and beauty. By adding the needed space, you can have the ultimate kitchen you always dreamed of with granite countertops and beautiful tile floors. You can also have a big laundry room with an extra sink, or extra bedrooms for family members.


We Take Pride in Every Room Addition

Buffalo Remodeling Pros is the contractor service you can trust. Our professional crew members take pride in the quality work they produce. We strive to complete every home addition job as quickly as possible without sacrificing good craftsmanship.

Because we’ve built our reputation on being trustworthy, we don’t use inferior building products or methods of construction. We know your home is one of your largest investment and we want to give you a quality home addition that will add value and enjoyment to your life.


No Construction Debris

We make sure every job site is left clean and orderly. We don’t leave piles of debris for the homeowner to clean up. Our contractors make sure the job site where we work is clear and clean each work day. We also haul away all construction trash to ensure the safety of you and your family members.



We want our customers to know the quality of our room additions is very important to us. We have built our 15-year reputation on the glowing testimonials of happy homeowners. Contact us to receive a free estimate. One of our professional contractors will visit your home and discuss the process of building your new home addition.